Kunming Fair 2018



• Dates: 14-20 June 2018
• ORGANIZER: China Council for the promotion of Int’l Trade Yunnan Sub – Council China Chamber of Int’l Commerce
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• Contact: Ms. He Lichuan
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• Tel: +86-871-63104928 & 63130723
• Fax: 86-871-63106476
• CITY: Kunming / China
INDUSTRY:Textile & Clothing , Minerals , Medical Device & Pharmaceuticals , Apparatuses , Jewelry , Building Materials , Decoration , Software , Handicrafts , Tourism
MORE INFO:2018 South and Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair (SSACEIF), as well as the Kunming Import and Export Fair, will take place between June 12 and 18, 2018 in Kunming. A SSACEIF promotional event was held recently in Shenzhen.
From this year on, the SSACEIF and China-South Asia Expo will be held alternately, with the China-South Asia Expo on even-numbered years and SSACEIF on odd-number years. The Kunming Import and Export Fair will be held every year.
SSACEIF and the China-South Asia Expo will complement one another in terms of goals, standards, times and activities.
Dedicated to promoting the Belt and Road Initiative—which should be jointly built through consultation and meet the interests of all—the two events share a common goal. That goal involves the facilitation of policy coordination, infrastructure connectivity, un-impeded trade, financial integration and People-to-people bonds between China, the countries of South and Southeast Asia and beyond.
The two events also share the same standards and requirements. Both stick to the standard of first-class international-al exhibitions regarding event preparation and organization with an open and professional attitude.
Both events begin on June 12 at the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre, with similar scales. This year’s SSACEIF will cover 18 pavilions and 8,000 standard booths with 180,000 square-meter exhibition area, similar to the 4th China-South Asia Expo.
As during the past Kunming Fair and China-South Asia Expo, a series of events will be held during SSACEIF. These include the China-South Asia Business Forum, the ASEAN Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference, the Conference on Cooperation of BCIM Chamber of Commerce Alliance, as well as other events where government institutions and chambers of commerce will be invited to introduce national investment policies and environments while promoting mutual investment.
Projects between China, South and Southeast Asia.
The two events, nonetheless, are different in terms of exhibition categories, organizers and themes.
The China-South Asia Expo is one of China’s top ten national exhibitions, and is approved by the State Council and developed under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. SSACEIF is also Yunnan’s key largest-scale inter-national exhibition approved by Yunnan provincial government.
The China-South Asia Expo is co-hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the Yunnan provincial government, and the ministries and departments of commerce from South Asian countries. SSACEIF, on the other hand, is co-organized by the China Chamber of International Commerce, the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the ASEAN-China Center, and the Secretariat of the China-South Asia Expo and Kunming Import & Export Fair.
The China-South Asia Expo aims toward “Win-win Cooperation through Amity, Sincerity, Mutual Benefit and Inclusiveness” at the level of strategic cooperation, while SSACEIF has the
Theme of “Creating New Opportunities for New Development”.
This year marks the first session of SSACEIF. As of 2016, the China-South Asia Expo had been held four years annually. The 4th China-South Asia Expo and the 24th Kunming Import & Export Fair had 18 pavilions and 8,000 booths. Participation covered more than 5,000 exhibitors from 89 countries and regions. The events registered a paid-in and contractual trade volume of 158 billion Yuan, up 1.2% over the previous session.
Kunming's annual trade expositions have had their share of growing pains, especially in terms outreach to non-Chinese speakers. Despite those, the twin fairs have grown significantly larger not only in size, but also in significance, over the three years of their coupled existence. This year does not look to be any different, as organizers expect the fourth annual China-South Asia Expo (CSAEXPO) and the twenty-fourth annual Kunming Import and Export Fair (KIEF) to
Quite literally dwarf their predecessors.
For much of its two-decade run as Kunming's largest and most cosmopolitan event, KIEF served as a yearly testing ground for China's Bridgehead Strategy — a concerted effort to modernize and expand Yunnan's economy through massive infrastructure projects designed to more closely
link the province with its Southeast Asian neighbors.
Building upon the fair's success, three years ago it was coupled with the first China-South Asia Expo, and a trade behemoth was born. Reflecting the twin festivals' ever-increasing size and importance, this year both will be held beginning, Kunming Dianchi Convention and Exhibition Center (昆明滇池国际会展中心) on the shores of Dianchi